Vehicle: 2011.5 BMW E92 M3 Coupe
Install Date: December 24, 2010

BMW M3 Edition Black Chrome Kidney Grills DIY


  • BMW M3 Edition Black Chrome Kidney Grill (left)
    Part Number: 51137979349
    Purchased Through:
  • BMW M3 Edition Black Chrome Kidney Grill (right)
    Part Number: 51137979350
    Purchased Through:

Tools Required

  • Torx Bit (size T-30)
  • Body panel tool (optional but recommended) or Short flat head screw driver


Install Time: (less than 10 minutes.)

Before you begin:
  • Open and raise your hood.
  • If you are afraid of scratching your car, apply painters tape.


Step 1. Remove upper bumper Torx screws

As illustrated below, there are four Torx screws on top that will need to be remove to gain access to the front kidney grills.

Step 2. Separate top of bumper

Gently pull the top of the bumper forward to gain access to the back of the kidney grills. There should be enough flex to get your hands behind there. Feel around for the grill latches to familiarize yourself with their location.

Step 3. Unlatch grill

As illustrated below, there are a total of 6 latches. First use your fingers to see if you can unlatch it, if you can't you can use a body panel tool to unlatch the grill. The numbers on the illustration represents the end of the tool you should use.

NOTE: Each latch has a small little tab that needs to be released. It can be difficult if you are using your fingers. A body panel tool or a flat head screwdriver should be used to make it easier to press the small tab in to unlatch the grill.

I found the bottom was easy to unlatch with fingers only. If you can't do it with your fingers, use a body panel tool similar to the one pictured or a flat head screw driver.

To begin, I unlatched the bottom first while gently tugging on the grill outward. Then I unlatched the top using the tool to press the latch down. Lastly, I used the tool on the last outer latch (the latch closest to headlights).

Once you get the first grill off you'll find doing the other grill much easy.

Step 4. Install new kidney grills and reinstall Torx screws

This step couldn't be easier, simply push the new grills in till all the latches click in place.
Reinstall the four Torx screws once you have verified the grill is secure.

Step 5. Sit back and enjoy your new grills