Vehicle: 2011.5 BMW E92 M3 Coupe
Review Date: February 26, 2011

3M Paint Protection Film applied by Detailing Dynamics

I rarely, actually I never post reviews about automotive shops however my recent experience at a local detailing shop changed all that. So, if you are in the New York Tri-state / Long Island area and you are looking to get paint protection film (also known on the street as "Clear Bra") applied or detailing done to your car, I highly recommend Detailing Dynamics.

Upon arrival:

Walking into Detailing Dynamics I was greeted by Eddie and Matt. They were very friendly and helped answer all my questions. You know how sometimes you walk into a place and have that feeling of not being sure what you are getting into or second guessing yourself? Well, not to worry with Detailing Dynamics! I felt comfortable talking to them and did not feel pressured or rushed.

Once you walk into the work area (besides seeing some incredible exotics cars that are there for detailing, ppf, etc.) you will see it is very well lit. There are literally lights everywhere surrounding the work bays so they can get everything perfect.

Install & Results:

Detailing Dynamics' quality of work is second to none! You might ask how I know or why you should trust me? Well, I'll have to go back in history a little to explain. Since 2002, I have had 3 different installers apply paint protection film to the various cars that I had or currently still own. For my new M3, I decided not to return to any of those installers since they did not meet my expectations (which really was not that high since personally I didn't expect a perfect job). However, I would have at least expected a smooth finish and decent coverage along the edge and corners. Those "other" installers left a lot of marks on the film and left a lot of the more difficult areas uncovered. There's also areas of the film that appeared bunched up too tight and creased. Not to mention uneven cuts and very visible seams. I am glad put all that behind me now that I have Detailing Dynamics as my trusted detailer.

Details, details, details!! It's all in the details if you want the very best!! For example, when Detailing Dynamics did my front bumper, they were careful to remove the side reflectors, the front grill, the headlight sprayer nozzles, and even the tow hook cover. This way they can get better coverage and less visible seams. When they did the hood, they carefully removed the BMW emblem so that the seams around the emblem is hidden beneath.

Once I saw the results, right there and then I realized that they live up to their slogan; "FOR THOSE WHO EXPECT THE BEST!". If the film applied is not up to their (or your) standards they will take off the film and cut a new sheet without question or additional charge. The finish on the film is just as shiny as the clear coat on the unprotected parts of the car. You will not even know the film is there unless you really concentrate and try to spot slight differences. Very nice!!

Detailing Dynamics not only met all my expectations, they went well above and beyond it.


The guys at Detailing Dynamics, Eddie, Matt and their crew are all friendly and down to earth individuals. Talking to them, I can easily tell they are car enthusiasts just like most of us and share in the same passion for cars.

They treated me and my car with respect and care. My car was handled and pampered as if it was their own. I can tell you that your car, whether it's a 20 year old Ford, or a Ferrari, it will be safe and cared for with Detailing Dynamics!

The Wait:

When you are at the shop you will not be forced to wait outside, in the waiting room, or told to come back later. If you want to stick around and watch that is not a problem but of course, common courteously, don't get in their way. :-) I felt very comfortable there and never once felt like I was just a dollar sign like you sometimes feel when you visit the BMW Dealer!

Closing Comments:

Detailing Dynamics will be my first and only choice for all my detailing needs. They can expect my future business and my highest recommendation!! Rarely will anyone find such a great great shop!

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02/18/2011: Rockers being applied

02/18/2011: The front bumper was no challenge for Eddie!

02/26/2011: Returned to get the Hood, Fenders and headlight done
I chose to do only half the hood however they can do the entire hood if that's what you want.