Vehicle: 2011.5 BMW E92 M3 Coupe
Install Date: January 07, 2011

Painted Reflectors Replacement DIY

One of the faults with a US Spec car is the ugly yellow reflectors on the front bumper. Euro bumpers cost a hefty price to import so a cheaper alternative, although it will not look as good as the Euro bumper, is to replace the reflectors with painted color matched reflectors.


  • Painted OEM Reflectors (by IND)
    Purchased Through: EAS

Tools Required

  • Just your thumbs


Install Time: (less than 10 minutes.)

Before you begin:
  • If you are afraid of scratching your car, apply painters tape below the reflector.


Step 1. Press bumper with your thumbs

Using both thumbs, press the bumper directly below the reflector. The bumper should press in fairly easily and you should hear a small pop around the middle of the reflector.

Step 2. Remove the reflector

IMPORTANT: Be careful not to drop the reflector inside the bumper!!

Using your fingers, you can easily grab the reflector from the bottom and lift it upwards then remove it from the bumper.

Step 3. Install new painted reflector and enjoy the new look

IMPORTANT: Again, be careful, do not drop the new reflector inside the bumper!!

First insert the top part of the new reflector then press the bottom of the reflector in till it's flush with the bumper.