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03-03-12: STOPTECH BBK Installed
02-16-12: APEX ARC-8 18x10 Track Wheels Received
01-02-12: Stocking up on some detailing products
07-02-11: BMW Performance Steering Wheel Pics
03-26-11: Akrapovic Exhaust Pics
03-12-11: Installed LUX H8 V3 Angel Eyes
03-06-11: Enabled rear fog lights
02-26-11: Review of 3M Paint Protection Film installed by Detailing Dynamics
01-08-11: Installed Edition Side Gills
01-07-11: Installed IND painted reflector covers
01-03-11: Installed IND painted keyhole cover
12-24-10: Installed Edition Front Kidney grills
12-23-10: Delivery day pictures
12-18-10: Unloaded from ship and at BMW VDC
12-04-10: Production is completed and on the ship enroute to the east coast.
11-06-10: Order Placed for new 2011 Interlagos Blue E92 M3 with all options

Recent DIYs / Mods / Pics

Detailing Products
Detailing Products
Detailing Products
Angel Eyes
BMW Performance Steering Wheel
Angel Eyes
Akrapovic Exhaust
Angel Eyes
LUX H8 V3 Angel Eyes DIY
Rear Fog
Enable rear fog lights DIY
M3 Edition Front Grills
M3 Edition Front Grills DIY
M3 Edition Side Gills
M3 Edition Front Grills DIY
Painted Reflectors
Painted Reflectors DIY
Painted Keyhole Cover
Painted Keyhole Cover DIY
Photo-shoot: Updated 04/10/2011
Detailing Dynamics
Detailing Dynamics Review
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